Ange & Jim

I am going to be shooting Ange and Jim's wedding in Cambridgeshire this April. I think it is very important for the couple to be comfortable and familiar with their photographer. A good rapport between the snapper and his subjects is vital to get a set of natural and comfortable photos.

So, we decided to meet up in Hampstead on the first day of February and head to the Heath for some fun in London's few areas of "wilderness".

It’s bloody freezing!
— Ange
Kenwood House

Kenwood House

It would have been lovely to do the shoot in early spring in order to have less of a wintery setting, but my schedule meant early February was basically the best we could do! Still, undeterred (after all, it wasn't raining!), we made the most of the stark beauty that can still be found in nature at this time of year.

Hampstead Heath benefits from some lovely views and features, especially the ponds and Kenwood House and its gardens. The nicest part was how much Ange and Jim loosened up as the day progressed. After only half an hour or so they were posing like pros with minimal direction and I was particularly pleased with the pictures by the fallen tree and at Kenwood House.

Thanks go to Ange and Jim for their patience, willingness to "get stuck in" and traipse through some muddy paths and also to my fellow snapper Guy who will be helping out with photography in April and was invaluable in spotting some great places for shots on the Heath.

You can see some of the photographs from the pre-wedding shoot by clicking on the link below:

Roll on April and some warmer weather!